Importance of Typing Speed for 911 Dispatcher Test

The 911 Dispatcher Typing Test assesses job applicants in many areas, and typing speed is an important factor. Typing information accurately and efficiently is essential for a successful career as a 911 dispatcher. Quick typing saves time during emergency calls and prevents mistakes by ensuring that the information being typed is accurate. A faster typing speed also allows dispatchers to quickly search databases for critical information on potential suspects and other helpful information.

In addition, having a faster typing speed helps 911 dispatchers remain focused on the conversation with callers. By typing quickly and accurately, dispatchers can focus on the caller’s words rather than on the keyboard. This helps dispatchers ask better questions and provide more accurate information during calls, which can be essential in emergencies.


What is the Average Typing Speed for a 911 Dispatcher?

The average typing speed for a 911 dispatcher is usually between 30 and 50 words per minute (WPM). However, many agencies require that applicants have at least 35-40 WPM. The desired typing speed will vary depending on the agency for which you are applying. Some organizations require applicants to demonstrate their typing speed as part of the hiring process, while others may use typing tests or other forms of assessment to measure a candidate’s typing speed. It’s important to check with the specific agency requirements before taking any tests or submitting your application.

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Tips to Improve Your Typing Speed to Become a 911 Dispatcher

If you want to become a 911 dispatcher and need to improve your typing speed, several strategies can help.

Correct Palm Position

To start, make sure your hands are in the proper position on the keyboard. Each finger should be placed on its designated key to type quickly and accurately.

Do not look down at your hands

When typing, it’s important to keep your eyes focused on the screen or document you are working on. Looking down at your hands can slow down your speed and increase the likelihood of mistakes.

Practice Regularly

Make a schedule that includes regular practice sessions with typing drills or tests. Taking advantage of online tutorials and programs can help you hone your typing speed more quickly.

Focus on Accuracy

As you practice, focus on typing accurately rather than quickly. Over time, your speed will improve as long as you ensure that the words and letters are correctly entered.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks during practice sessions helps to reduce stress and fatigue, which allows you to stay focused and maintain a good typing speed.

How Do You Type With Accuracy and Precision?

Typing accurately and precisely is a skill that takes time and practice to develop. It involves learning the correct finger placement on the keyboard, understanding how to read from the screen, and looking ahead at upcoming words. Here are some tips for improving your typing accuracy:

Practice Speed with Accuracy

Speed is important, but accuracy is more important. Take your time to ensure that each keystroke is accurate, and you can type faster with fewer errors.

Learn Touch Typing

Touch typing is a technique in which you use all of your fingers to hit the keys instead of looking at the keyboard while typing. This method helps increase accuracy, as your hands will automatically know where to find the keys without having to look for them.

Use a Program to Help Increase Accuracy

There are many typing programs available online that can help increase your accuracy and speed by using drills and exercises. These programs often include interactive learning tools such as games, lessons, and tests which can help you stay motivated and improve your typing skills.


The ability to type quickly and accurately is essential to becoming a 911 dispatcher. It’s important to practice typing regularly, focus on accuracy rather than speed, and use the correct finger position when typing to become proficient. With time and dedication, you can increase your typing speed and be well-prepared for the job.

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